About Us

MidnightintheDesert.com is the official website for the Internet radio program of the same name. It’s built to be more efficient than flashy. I try not to clutter it with too much, and make it easy to find things. The site is also designed to display properly on mobile devices. The menus will be simple drop downs, and I’ll try to make all the buttons and links suitable for our fingers!

The site runs on Amazon Web Services, using EC2 for the server and database, and S3 for images. It’s running WordPress, which is a far better system than the old days of hand coding HTML. If the site needs more servers, it’s pretty easy to ramp up more. I’m also working on my AWS certification, so this will be my on-the-job training.

I do this for fun, but must make enough money through banner advertising and affiliate programs to pay the Amazon AWS bill and cover my time. Please support the ongoing operation of the website by visiting the sponsors and buying some stuff if it suits you. The advertising will get better as I shift from generic affiliate programs to real sponsors of the show. I will try to feature products that are of interest to listeners.

I will try to stay available and answer your questions when I can, but don’t be insulted if I cannot answer, it gets very busy running a website for a national show, alone. I’m going to enjoy running it, posting to it and engaging the intrigue of Midnight in the Desert, hope you will too.


Your humble webmaster, Keith Rowland