Thu Mar 12 (Hour 1) Brad Wickham – The Frozen Corpse of Bredo Morstoel

For Brad Wickham, “The Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival” is a year-round event. That’s because he’s the caretaker of the frozen body of Bredo Morstoel, better known around the town of Nederland as Grandpa Bredo. As Morstoel’s caretaker, Brad has driven up to see him every two weeks for the past five years, to add more dry ice and make sure he’s still a comfortable minus-110 degrees Celsius.

TWITTER/Instagram: @frozendeadcaretaker

Brad Wickham was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His Father was a teacher and officer in the national guard and believed in a strict upbringing as almost every member of the family was in law enforcement, soldiers, or teachers. Brad went in the army and after his service he went into home health durable equipment and respiratory services and continued to become a respiratory therapist. He enjoys rock and crystal collecting, art, music, hiking camping.


1 Trygve Bauge, grandson, and his estranged sister. Just before Bredo Morstoel’s body was brought to Nederland.


2 Trygve Bauge conducts a polar plunge in Oslo, Norway each year. Participants are tethered in this example. He promotes “cryogenics”, the health benefits of cold exposure. “Cryonics” is the actual act of freezing bodies.


3 Brad Wickham delivering ice

Photo credit Tristan Smith