Thu Nov 21 – Tobe Johnson – Extended Experiencers of Sasquatch

Tobe Johnson will discuss how he got involved with chronicling the lives of witnesses who live as what he calls “extended experiencers of Sasquatch Interaction”.

Tobe Johnson is a pacific north/west local who host the podcast strange bräu radio. He is also the author of the soon to be released book The Owl Moon Lab -part IA true account of working one on one with reluctant witnesses who he calls “extended experiencers of Sasquatch interaction”. With over 1400 hours worth of audio, 100’s of hours of video and multiple examples of physical proof, Tobe has come to the conclusion that world of Sasquatch is vastly multi-layered and most likely…multi-dimensional.


1 Types of objects gifted


2 Types of objects gifted


3 Handprints discovered on shop


4 Handprints found on truck transferred and collected for comparison