5 Things TV Doesn’t Tell You About Paranormal Investigation

Whenever I tell someone I used to be a paranormal investigator, they immediately romanticize and ask how many ghosts I’ve seen. Instead of going into my long diatribe about how that isn’t how investigation works, I just make up a number. It’s usually seven, because some people find it to be their lucky number and I love squashing dreams with one word. Because the truth is…

5. Paranormal Investigation Doesn’t Always Mean You Believe in Ghosts

Yeah, you read that correctly. I don’t believe in ghosts. And it’s hard to tell someone that when they ask how many ghosts I’ve seen. After all, my job title included the word “paranormal.” But the word covers more than ghosts. It covers anything outside the realm of what a typical person considers “normal.” So why did I do it if I didn’t believe?

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