Thu Nov 2 – Allan Pacheco – Dark Side of Sante Fe


Paranormal investigator and historian, Allan Pacheco, conducts private ghost and history tours in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On these exclusive walking tours, bubbles are burst and you get the insiders look from his investigations and research. Allan is a native Santa Fean; his ancestors were Conquistadors who pioneered the area. To get a feel for Allan’s historical knowledge and his love for the paranormal, you can visit his website,, which is filled with data and pictures of High Strangeness. Allan is also an actor, lecturer, and author of many paranormal books and articles. His latest book, Domingo Negro, is about Billy The Kid, and the group of outlaws known as The Flint Gang, in a battle against the Zombie Apocalypse of May 1880, in the New Mexico Territory. This book can be summed up as Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch meets George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.


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