Thu Jan 9 (Hour 2-3) Andrew P.B. Lound – The Mars Odyssey

Andrew Lound traces the history of the Mars exploration taking us on a journey of great human tragedy, scientific discovery, and the intense debate that has changed our perception of the universe.

TWITTER: @Andrewlound

Andrew Lound is presenter, author, lecturer, broadcaster, and former curator of the Avery Historical Museum. He has been presenting his unique “Odyssey Dramatic Presentations” for nearly 50 years. He has a Masters Degree in Astronomy with particular emphasis on Planetary Science. His current projects include working with the California Institute of Technology JPL on promoting the Cassini Mission to Saturn; Acting as project manager of The Antoniadi Project – a British concept of a space-probe to the Hellas Region on Mars; Developing new presentation techniques involving augmented reality to promote space science to the general public.

He also has a BA in Media Studies which he uses in conjunction with his knowledge of space science to promote astronomy and space exploration to the general public. He has acted as advisor on a number of television and film productions as well as appearing in many of them.