Tue Jan 14 (Hour 3) Arfon Jones – The Tannyoky ET Encounter

Arfon Jones, will share his true story of a face to face encounter in broad day light on a weekend in May 2016. He will also talk about other experiences that lead up to this event and how his life has changed since.


Arfon Jones was born in South Wales. He is a father, brother, and caring, individual. His first experience with an unexplained event happened when he was just seventeen and since that time, he has experienced mystical experiences as recently as this month.

Arfon is the Tannyoky ET Encounter witness that happened in May 2016 which sparked a huge interest in UFOs and paranormal investigation. After the event he founded the UFO investigation group called – Ireland UFO investigation Society. The purpose of the group is for people who have experienced the unexplained to be able to tell their stories in a safe place free from judgement.

Arfon goes out on night watches which he organizes with interested parties in Northern Ireland. These night watches have already produced some amazing photographs of the night sky

1 Circled Object


2 Arrow Pointing to Object