Mon Nov 11 (Hour 1-2) Reverend Bill McDonald and Lilia – Military Near Death Experiences

Reverend Vietnam Vet Rev Bill McDonald and Lilia will be sharing their research and experiences with near-death experiences in the military, including first hand accounts of several veterans who report their NDEs. They will also discussion the problems with responses to NDEs by VA and military physicians.
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Army Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald is a multiple NDEr and STEr, minister, chaplain, Yoga Meditation Teacher, PTSD consultant, an award-winning poet, international motivational speaker, artist, film adviser,veteran advocate, Scuba Instructor, a Vietnam Veteran who was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, The Purple Heart Medal, 14 Air Medals, The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, etc.  He founded The Spiritual Warrior Ministries which provides free chaplain services for the military community across the USA.

Lilia is a counselor, who has been a Student of the Light for over 40 years, and is passionate about serving our veterans and the Saint Germain Foundation books. Since an infant, Lilia has had numerous life-changing NDEs and STEs that were spiritually impactful and transforming.  These experiences inspired her to devote her life to the service of others and to raise global awareness about Vet NDEs, STEs, closing the “Gap of Care” and where experiencers can find their answers about the Light.

During her NDE at age 3, she was told that she would find, study and apply the instruction found in a set of books, and would one day tell the whole world about them.  At age 19, she found these books called “The Saint Germain Series” and has studied and applied the Laws found in them for over 40 years.  Her life’s mission is to share with others where she found her answers about Life, Light and Love, and how these books have impacted her life’s purpose and service to others, especially Veterans.

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