Mon Aug 5 (Hour 3) Brian James Martinez and Judy Martinez – Ghosts of the Grand Canyon

The grandeur and beauty of one of America’s most beautiful landscape also holds secrets of it’s own. Brian-James & Judy Martinez lived and worked at the Grand Canyon and were witness to the strange and unusual, the paranormal for themselves within this Natural Wonder.

Brian-James “BJ” and Judy Martinez are both natives of Los Angeles, CA. and are a husband and wife paranormal investigative team. Judy has had personal encounters with the paranormal her entire life and has tried to help others who are plagued by the Supernatural. She attended Great Falls University in Montana and also Montana Law Enforcement Academy where she graduated in 1997. Judy has also lived in every region in the United States and loves to travel. Besides being a paranormal investigator and author, Judy is also a practicing witch.

Brian-James Martinez “BJ” attended college in Ontario, CA for graphic design and is a professional Bartender. He had never had a paranormal encounter until he met Judy and now he is a paranormal investigator and author. He enjoys studying American History, traveling and exploring the paranormal.

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