Mon Mar 9 – Carol Ann Liaros – Seeing with Your Inner Eyes

World-renowned psychic and author Carol Ann Liaros will discuss “Project Blind Awareness,” where she and others obtained amazing results working with the blind. By using Carol Ann’s relaxation, concentration, and meditation techniques, sightless individuals were able to use their latent abilities to feel and become aware of new sensations—right in front of them and at a distance.

Carol Ann is a professional psychic with over 50 years’ experience as an intuition trainer, lecturer, and author she also worked with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment for almost 30 years, in addition to CEOs and upper management of Fortune 10 corporations, churches and psychologists and psychiatrists.

Her innovative psychic techniques led to designing Project Blind Awareness and Junior Project Blind Awareness: a training program for the blind to help becoming more mobile and independent using their own psychic / intuitive skills. The Parapsychology and Medicine training for doctors and nurses was a breakthrough in the 1970’s and her Mentoring Program and Psychic Intensive and very popular!