Art Bell Dies: Paranormal Radio Show Host Of ‘Coast To Coast AM’ Was 72

Bell was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on June 17, 1945. He served in the the US Air Force as a medic during the Vietnam War. No theory was too outlandish for the Coast To Coast AM show that Bell produced, running the gamut from UFOs to reports of strange creatures and stranger organizations. The […]

Mysterious Universe: Radio Legend Art Bell, Icon of Late-Night Talk, Has Passed Away

“From the high desert and the great American southwest, I bid you all good evening, and/or good morning,” Bell’s voice would often be heard as he began the show every night, broadcasting from his home in Nye County, Nevada. During the height of Bell’s tenure as host of Coast to Coast AM, the program was […]

These 5 things can seriously stress out your cat

Cat owners know that their feline friends can be skittish. But some things are more likely than others to make cats anxious. Here are five things that are known to stress out cats. Loud noises, like thunder and fireworks High frequency sounds, like computer monitors and certain light bulbs Strong scents, including citrus Cleaning products, […]