Dark Matter Presents: Best Selling Books

Dark Matter Digital Network Presents: Tim Ozman (Author, Podcaster on Paranormal Radio and Host on Dark Matter Digital Network) Tim’s books are ON AMAZON!                    https://midnightinthedesert.com/?p=33462&preview=true APR6   WANNA TAKE A RIDE? TAKE A STEP BACK IN TIME WITH ME with ALL THESE GUEST THAT CAME ON MIDNIGHT […]

Wed Aug 21 (Hour 2-3) John Kruth – Evidence of Psi

The Rhine Research Center founded by J.B. Rhine, is the oldest operating parapsychology lab in the country. The first academic lab to develop a formal method for examining psi phenomena, the Rhine became an important destination for people experiencing psi or who were interested in exploring psi phenomena through the lens of science. John Kruth, […]

Tue May 21 – Chad and Alta Dillard – High Strangeness in NOLA

Chad and Alta will continue their story of synchronicity, missing time, and UFO’s. They will also give us an update of the most recent incident. BOOK: Orbducted in the French Quarter, and other High Strangeness experiences Facebook.com/ORBDUCTED/ Chad & Alta met and married in the early 1990’s in the city of Little Rock Arkansas. The […]

Tue May 14 (Hour 2-3) – Dr. Jonathan Young – Uncanny Experiences

Dr. Jonathan Young who worked closely with Joseph Campbell who was best known for his work in the field of comparative mythology, Dr. Young will discuss how movies and characters in folklore are considered modern mythology.     folkstory.com Jonathan Young, PhD, is a psychologist and story teller who is frequently seen on the History […]

Wed Apr 17 REPLAY of Thu Feb 7 (Hour 1-2) – RJ Stewart – Prophecy of Merlin

RJ Stewart will take us on a mystical journey that will reveal the real life and medieval prophecies of Merlin, many of which have come true!          rjstewart.org www.rjstewart.net BIO: Robert John (RJ) Stewart is a Scottish composer musician and author. He has 40 books in publication worldwide, and has written music […]

Haunted Hospital, the REAL ghost story of Darkness Dave Schrader

Recently the Travel Channel aired an episode of a Canadian program, Haunted Hospitals and they featured MY personal encounters, it is part of Episode 3. There were certain liberties taken in the production so I am presenting The TRUE version of my story, chilling and weird enough that there was no need for embellishment. So […]