Here’s why putting a missile defense system in space could be a bad idea

A beefed-up missile defense system might seem like a good idea in a time of heightened nuclear tensions. But such enhancements could have dangerous consequences. The current U.S. missile defense system isn’t all it was cracked up to be, performing unreliably in tests, physicist and missile defense expert Laura Grego argued April 14 at a […]

Slovenian Man Claims Homemade Time Machine Took Him to 4400 CE

Here we go again. Either a man in Slovenia has developed an operational time machine or the teachers in Ljubljana are doing a better job than others around the world at teaching creative writing. In what has come to be the standard modus operandi of alleged time travelers, this one covered his face, had his […]

Can AI Really Solve Facebook’s Problems?

Congress interrogated Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for two days this week over his company’s privacy policies—and its apparent inability to prevent the misuse of its social media platform by some promoting hatred, terrorism or political propaganda. Throughout Zuckerberg’s apologies for not doing more to protect users’ privacy and curb the spread of false […]

Robots Learn to Conduct Their Own Science Experiments

Inside a lab at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, a robot arm lifts a bottle filled with chemical reagents and carries it over a bank of test tubes, where it dispenses a precise number of drops into each one. The arm swivels, replaces the bottle, swivels again, and picks up another container. Gracelessly, tirelessly, the […]

China is using furnaces to manufacture 10 billion tons of rain

In an effort to solve some of the country’s water shortage problems, China is building tens of thousands of chemical rainmakers. The goal: manufacture 10 billion tons of rainfall on the Tibetan Plateau. The silver iodide furnaces developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (or CASC) will be placed on Himalayan mountains at […]

Science is getting closer to understanding what goes on inside the mind when we dream

Dreams are so strange and carry so much significance to us that we often feel the need to tell people about our nocturnal adventures, sometimes at tedious length. But if you understand what goes on inside the brain as dreams take their course, they start to make a lot more sense. And dreams are much […]