National Space Council Will Deliver Space-Junk Plan to Trump, VP Pence Says

The United States is getting serious about space junk, according to Vice President Mike Pence. In a speech today (April 16), Pence announced that the National Space Council will soon send President Donald Trump new recommendations to address the growing threat of space junk circling Earth. “President Trump knows that a stable and orderly space […]

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles

Scientists have created a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles – by accident. The breakthrough could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis by enabling for the first time the full recycling of bottles. The new research was spurred by the discovery in 2016 of the first bacterium that had naturally evolved to […]

‘Superflares’ may make it hard for life to thrive on Earth’s nearest exoplanet

The nearest exoplanet to Earth may get hit hard by damaging ultraviolet radiation, making it tough for life to survive there, a new study suggests. That planet, the roughly Earth-mass Proxima b, circles the small, dim star Proxima Centauri, which lies just 4.2 light-years from Earth. And Proxima b orbits in its host’s star “habitable […]

Psychologists Say SETI Has Faulty Alien Contact Methods

A group of psychologists say scientists will never make contact with aliens because aliens are likely to use communications based on unknown physical principles. They also say scientists are prone to so-called inattentional blindness. A group of psychologists from the University of Cadiz in Spain has published an article criticizing alien-seeking scientists involved in the […]

NASA announces search for alien planets in solar system

The space agency’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has been delivered to its Kennedy Space Centre ahead of launch. Experts will send the ship hurtling through space in the hunt for exoplanets over a period of at least two years. The agency vowed to discover thousands of the new planets and will scan the new […]

What is Alpha Centauri hiding? Searches for Earth-like planets ramp up around our nearest stellar neighbor

Alpha Centauri, a three-star system just 4 light-years away that is the sun’s nearest neighbor, ought to be a great place to look for Earth-like planets. But last week, at a meeting of the European Astronomical Society (EAS) here, astronomers lamented the way the system has thwarted discovery efforts so far—and announced new efforts to […]

We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time But, According to Physics, We Can Bend It

Most of us have dreamed of traveling through time, backward or forwards, faster than those around us. And surprisingly, recent work has shown us that time travel is far more than just a dream. In fact, a number of researchers have explored, and are currently exploring, the legitimacy of time travel. While they haven’t quite […]