Pandora will pay RIAA $90 million for playing pre-1972 songs

Internet radio company Pandora has agreed to pay the major US record labels $90 million over streaming of pre-1972 songs, which aren’t covered under federal copyright but are covered by state-level copyrights in areas including New York and California. It’s the second big payment that will go to the Recording Industry Association of America, which […]

Loudness Sounds Better. It’s Also Ruining Music.

LET’S TALK ABOUT LOUDNESS! Yelling is loud! That fashionable guy on the train blasting music into his ears? His headphones are loud! Loudness sounds good and feels good, and unfortunately, it’s ruining recorded music. Why we like loud music The concept of loundness is deceptive, because loudness is not a discrete physical property of sound, […]