Missing CDC worker’s body found, still unknown cause

Authorities have partially solved the mysterious disappearance of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employee with the discovery of his body. But they may never know how he drowned in a river not far from his home. Fishermen found Timothy Cunningham’s body on Tuesday partially submerged in water and mud on the west bank […]

Elon Musk says Mars colony a hedge against World War III

Humanity’s brutal and bellicose past provides ample justification for pursuing settlements on the moon and Mars, Elon Musk says. The billionaire entrepreneur has long stressed that he founded SpaceX in 2002 primarily to help make humanity a multiplanet species — a giant leap that would render us much less vulnerable to extinction. Human civilization faces […]

Intelligent to a Fault: When AI Screws Up, You Might Still Be to Blame

Artificial intelligence is already making significant inroads in taking over mundane, time-consuming tasks many humans would rather not do. The responsibilities and consequences of handing over work to AI vary greatly, though; some autonomous systems recommend music or movies; others recommend sentences in court. Even more advanced AI systems will increasingly control vehicles on crowded […]

Fake news travels six times faster than the truth on Twitter

An analysis of news stories tweeted by three million people between 2006 and 2017 shows that fake news spreads significantly more than the truth on social media. Sinan Aral and his colleagues at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) cross-checked the spread of 126,000 stories on Twitter against a database of stories fact-checked by six independent […]

Here we go again… Daylight saving time: When and why we spring clocks forward

Friendly reminder: daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, March 11, which means it’s almost time to “spring” those clocks forward. Sadly, yes, we’ll lose an hour of sleep. But on the bright side (literally), we’ll be gaining an hour of evening light through Nov. 4 — when it’s time to […]

Some workers see automation as a serious threat — and with good reason

Nearly one-quarter of American workers are worried they will lose their jobs to robots, according to a new survey. Almost three out of four of the more than 3,000 people surveyed said they think artificial intelligence will probably eliminate more jobs than it creates, in general. But 23 percent said they are “very” or “somewhat” […]

Florida may pass “Sunshine Protection Act” and go on Daylight Saving Time all year round

This is a very good idea that all of North America should consider. At sunset on some beaches in Florida, a lot of people gather with a bottle of wine and applaud the sunset. An extra hour of sunshine in the evening would just extend the party. That’s one reason that the wonderfully named “Sunshine […]