Mon Feb 10 (Hour 1) Chrysta Bell – Behind the Scenes with Special Agent Tammy Preston

Tim Weisberg will be talking to Chrysta Bell about her role in Twin Peaks as Special Agent Tammy Preston. She will also discuss her projects with David Lynch and what she is doing now.
TWITTER: @Chrysta_Bell

Chrysta Bell (her first name) is a performing artist, recording artist and actress who incorporates dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into unforgettable performance experiences. At age 21 she had a fateful meeting with legendary artist David Lynch, and the two began a lasting musical partnership which yielded the dream pop album This Train(2011), the song “Polish Poem” from the sound track to INLAND EMPIRE(2006), and the eerie and ethereal EP Somewhere in the Nowhere(2016).

Her most recent collaboration with Lynch was on set of the internationally acclaimed Twin Peaks: The Return. In her television acting debut, Lynch cast Chrysta Bell in a leading role of FBI Agent Tammy Preston, acting alongside Lynch himself, Laura Dern and Miguel Ferrer.

Chrysta Bell was recently featured for an in-depth artist profile in the award-winning magazine, Texas Monthly. The article includes quotes from director David Lynch and Robert Rodriguez, as well as from producer John Parish.