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Further Down The 9-11 Metascript

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https://infinite-plane-radio.ghost.io/further-down-the-9-11-metascript-2/&source=gmail&ust=1619593068104000&usg=AFQjCNHQHU8cNoHz3RrnZ1qnMP6l7uTvN A">Further Down The 9-11 Metascript
BY INFINITE PLANE RADIO – 27 APR 2021 – https://infinite-plane-radio.ghost.io/further-down-the-9-11-metascript-2/&source=gmail&ust=1619593068104000&usg=AFQjCNHQHU8cNoHz3RrnZ1qnMP6l7uTvN A">VIEW ONLINE →
https://infinite-plane-radio.ghost.io/content/images/2021/04/Untitled-design.gi f" />


These are some notes which you may find of interest if you've been examining the predictive programming maps we have done here:

1968, the Twin Tower's construction begins.

2001, they fall. This is 33 years later.

33= phoenix/ transformation

They were rebuilt as a single tower, completed 13 years later.

13= rebirth.

Two into one, the alchemical ritual represented, too, by the phoenix.

Originally, the towers were to be replaced by a World Trade Center Phoenix.

The One World Trade Center in New York City opened on NOVEMBER 3, 2014.

This is another scripted 9/11  11/3  connection.

11/3 the date is associated with the phoenix: November 3, 2017

Lot's of disaster movies pointing at a 9/11 style event reference 11/3, 113.

One World Trade Center officially opens in New York City, on the site of the Twin Towers
One World Trade Center officially opens in Manhattan on November 3, 2014. 

I've found some INTERESTING connections which point to:

a) a high profile celebrity being assassinated

b) UFO disclosure

c) Space wars


Police shooting of Andrew Brown: he's 42

Racist Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland: also 42

4/20  (42) was the day the VERDICT was read for Chauvin (western chauvinism)

This was 330 days AFTER George Floyd's death.

The George Floyd Act was 3/3/21 ,  30 years from 3/3/91 when Rodney King was hit on the crown of his head 33 times, in an attack that spanned 1 min 19 seconds (119  9/11). 

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