Fri Dec 28 – Dr. Daniel Gartenberg – Hacking Sleep To Improve Your Productivity

Dr. Daniel Gartenberg will discuss how we can better understand the importance of a sleep. He will also discuss the technology he is developing to help create the optimum environment for sleep.

Dr. Gartenberg received his PhD in cognitive psychology in 2016 and currently has an Adjunct Assistant Professor position at Penn State University. He is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in sleep, productivity, and how to use technology to improve worker health and personal efficiency. He has 10 years of experience developing sleep improvement solutions and he obtained grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health to validate his technology. He is CEO of Sonic Sleep A.I. which is making sleep more regenerative through the science of sound, light, temperature and relaxation. He has executed on software development projects for Fortune 500 companies and large tech firms, he has written 3 patents (1 approved and 2 pending), and he has over 10 peer reviewed publications. Recently he delivered a TED talk about sleep health that received more than 3 million views and he has built out a sleep and wellness coaching platform to improve workplace productivity. He has tried almost every wearable on the market and knows how to use tech to improve wellbeing.


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