Thu Feb 6 – Diane Tessman – Future Humans and UFO’s

Diane Tessman will discuss her personal experiences with ET’s and offer a fresh look at the motivations of UFO occupants as they harass nuclear installations and turn off the codes of nuclear warheads atop missiles.

In the late 1970s, Diane Tessman was a field investigator with the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, (APRO)and Florida State Section Director for MUFON. Her own work on the UFO puzzle began when she was 4 years old, and was abducted by UFO beings.

Diane taught English as a second language for 11 years in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and in Florida, while living in Ireland she studiedCelt shamanism for 5 year. Diane also lived near Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert in California, where she published a newsletter, “The Change Times Quarterly” for the George van Tassel organization.

Currently she is the Director of the Star Network Cat Sanctuary and Wildlife Refuge in Iowa.