Mon Mar 28 – Dr. John Liebert – Mass Shooting Epidemic


Dr. John Liebert is a Psychiatrist with a broad range of experience in all phases of clinical practice and some academic work in supervising psychiatry residents in training at The University of Washington School of Medicine. John is primarily interested in staying current in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology skills through private practice while researching and publishing case-based books that both integrate psychiatric diagnostics with translational research in neuroscience – i.e. brain imaging, with and without specific medication effects. At this stage of his career he looks forward to lecturing on prevention of morbidity and mortality in psychiatric disorders – especially trauma and violence – via both better diagnostics and healthcare delivery systems – i.e. McGill University Telenursing project of triaging patients at remote work sites.

For Dr Liebert’s work to date, he was recently awarded The Perciball Pott Virtuous Surgeon Award from McGill University; “There is a small group of individual Physicians that after establishing their practice have confronted previously under appreciated problems and re-engineered their attention and skills to this new and important area, discipline or societal need. Often these new ventures are more important than the original professional focus.” (Dr Pott discovered Scrotal Cancer in London’s Chimney Sweepers, thus leveraging his clinical acumen gained from a solitary practice into eradication of a devastating and lethal disease in boys and young men.)   This award was for his publishing the first and – to date – only case-based books on major contemporary issues of suicidal rampage mass murder, failed management of the impaired soldier and veteran and epidemic violence, trauma and suicide.  Latest of books is Psychiatric Criminology: A Roadmap for Rapid Assessment, CRC Press creates what he believes to be a quartet necessary for students of both criminal justice and clinical disciplines from emergency services personnel to physicians.

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