Fri Sep 21 – Dwight and Rhonda Hull – Spirits of the Wild West

Discover the secluded spirits out in the Arizona desert, among the crumbling adobe and nearly forgotten ghost towns, the restless spirits of unfortunate souls still lurk, trapped between this world and the next. Several recorded EVP’s to be played.

Dwight Hull has been investigating the paranormal for more than 30 years. Born and raised near Cleveland Ohio, Dwight has experienced his share of paranormal experiences during his childhood which lead him to his first investigation in 1984. Over the years, he has been involved in thousands of investigations and has actively investigated Tombstone Arizona for 14 years Dwight has been communicating with animals both living and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge since he was a child. A gift passed onto him by his grandmother who not only helped him understand what was happening but also helped Dwight develop this unique ability.

Originally from Portland Oregon, Rhonda Hull has used her gifts most of her life. Her gifts include: Most of the Clairs, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and Mediumship. As a psychic she is able to provide insight and direction for her clients. As a medium Rhonda has the ability to connect her clients with loved ones who have crossed over. Some of her clients are producers, Hollywood executives, musicians, and celebrities. For the past eight years Rhonda has worked as a psychic detective along side law enforcement, search and rescue with some amazing results.

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