Mon Jul 1 (Hour 1-2) – Elliott Van Dusen – The Evil in Exeter

An insider’s look into a terrifying field investigation of something so sinister that it will cause you to reconsider your belief in good and evil.
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Elliott Van Dusen is a Corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is also the Corporate Director for Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation and Executive Vice President of Ghost Project Canada. Van Dusen has been investigating the paranormal for over twenty years. He co-authored his first book “Evil in Exeter” based on a true story and field investigation involving the terrifying haunting of a Rhode Island family.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Saint Mary’s University, a Diploma in Parapsychology from the Stratford Career Institute, a non-accredited degree in Parapsychology from the American International University and has completed additional parapsychological studies from the Nova Scotia Community College, University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Parapsychology Unit and the Rhine Education Center. Van Dusen has also appeared on The Discovery Channel and in The Globe and Mail and The Chronicle Herald.

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