Mon Sep 9 (Hour 1) Emily Prokop – The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects

Many of us learn about the major inventions that shape our world. But we too often overlook the objects we use every day. Tonight, Emily Prokop, creator of the Webby Award nominated podcast, explores the who, how, and huh? of everything from Band-Aids to bubble gum; hypnosis to Hula Hoops; and lullabies to lead pipes.
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Emily Prokop has been a podcaster since 2015 and a podcast listener even longer. Her podcast, The Story Behind, was nominated for a Webby Award for Best Series in 2019. She has also been a podcast editor and consultant since 2017. Before her life as a podcaster, she’s worked as a writer, journalist, and editor for newspapers, magazines, and a puzzle book company. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and two cats.

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