Thu Aug 1 (Hour 1-2) Erin Prophet – Reincarnation: The Missing Link

We go beyond the boundaries of life and death to investigate Erin’s views on reincarnation and its relevance for contemporary life, including the idea of reincarnation as a type of evolution.
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Erin Prophet, MPH, PhD, is a professor of religion who studies contemporary American religion, spirituality and health, and religious experience. She teaches classes in spirituality and health, religion and nature, as well as cults and new religious movements. She is the daughter of New Age teachers Mark L. Prophet (1918-1973) and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009).

Among her publications are “Charisma and Authority in New Religious Movements” in the Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements Vol. II (2016). She is a co-author with Jeffrey Kripal of Comparing Religions (2016). Her dissertation, “Evolution Esotericized” (2018) examined the contemporary usage of evolution to describe self-improvement and transcendence. She has a master’s degree in public health from Boston University and a doctorate in religion from Rice University. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Florida.

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