Midnight in the Desert” formerly hosted by Art Bell, now Tim Ozman is broadcast LIVE from 10pm to 2AM Pacific, 1AM to 5am Eastern for FREE, Monday thru Friday, on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

You can listen via a link on this website, or use an app on your smartphone or tablet. Currently you can listen via the TuneIn Radio app. Install TuneIn Radio from your App store and search for Dark Matter Digital Network and you’ll be listening to the current schedule of shows.

On-demand archives for the show are available under the subscription membership service.

Q. Can I use an Internet radio?

A: If you would like a dedicated device to play Internet radio, there are a couple choices out there. Here is the CC-WiFi or CC-Wifi 2 from C.Crane.  Once you have a CC-Wifi or if you have a Grace Radio, register your radio at myradio.gracedigital.com following the directions for your radio. Then simply search for “Dark Matter Digital Radio” and add the station to your  radio. You’ll be able to choose the MP3 or AAC stream when it’s time to play the station, AAC is the best.

Q. Can I listen later via a podcast?

A. If you join the membership subscription service for the show, you’ll have the ability to download or stream old shows so you can play them on your computer and smartphone/tablet device. It will cost $4.99 a month.

Q. Will Art’s classic bumper music be played?

A. No! Sorry, the cost of paying license fees break the budget. But that may change!

Q. What will the quality be like?

A. We stream in 64K MP3, plenty adequate for talk radio.

Q. How many listeners can you handle with your new provider?

A. We have enlisted the services of a multi-homed streaming partner for our content delivery system. We are currently using them for all the Dark Matter Digital Network programs and are able to scale up to the number of servers required to handle many thousands of listeners.

Q. Will you be on any terrestrial radio stations?

A. Yes we are accepting affiliates. See our Radio Stations page. If a station wants to carry the show, without any interruption of the content, they may just grab the Internet stream and replay it. Here is how to Become An Affiliate!

Q. Will you be on Satellite?

A. No. There is no need to buy a satellite radio this time. No $15/mo SiriusXM subscription.

Q. How do I suggest a guest for the show? How can I be a guest on the show?

A. Please provide the potential guests contact information (email or phone number), tell us a little about what topic they would talk about and send this info to producer at midnightinthedesert.com.

Q. What are the Call-In numbers?

A. See the side bar to see the numbers listed.

Q. How do I support the show financially?

A. First would be to signup for the membership subscription service, whether you actually listen to the archives or not. With your subscription you’ll also be able to access the “Wormhole” and send  messages/questions during the show.

Secondly, support the advertisers on the show. At least let them know you appreciate their sponsorship.

Lastly, you can help to keep the pirates at bay. If you come across a YouTube channel or any website posting full-length files of our show, stealing our copyrighted content, let us know. We can take steps to get it taken down. It’s a shame that these people are potentially destroying the very thing they love. We survive on paying subs to keep us operating. We’re not a big corporation.

Q. Will there be a chat room?

A. At this time we do not endorse any particular chat room or forum. But there are many out there.