Fri April 17 – 1st Guest -John le Bon – Media fakery and Sync

John le Bon is the World’s Leading Skeptic. He has been podcasting and video-making since 2014, and although youtube deleted his channel one year ago, JLB’s new channel is already back to well over 1,300 subscribers and growing quickly. His website is home to an energetic online community of skeptics and critical thinkers from around the world, with an active comments section, forum, and Discord channel.

JLB focuses on the fields of media fakery, science fakery, history fakery, and sync. Having spent most of the first 30 years of his life in Australia, JLB is currently traveling around south east Asia – or, at least, he was, until he got stuck in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when international borders closed due to the Moron-A-Virus. In a bizarre twist of Sync, Kuala Lumpur happens to be the home of the world’s largest existing Twin Towers…