Thu Nov 28 (Hour 3) REPLAY Gabe Roth – Researching The Holzer Files

History buff and researcher Gabe Roth has the enviable task of sifting through the case files of one of America’s most prolific paranormal investigators, Dr. Hans Holzer. Gabe takes his love of research and examines the case files through a fresh pair of eyes, seeking the most unusual stories with secrets left to be revealed and sends the team behind The Holzer Files out to get answers using tried and true methods and evolving techniques in the field of paranormal investigating.


Gabriel Roth has produced and directed for Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, AMC/Shudder, Uproxx Media, Nat Geo, A&E, Lifetime and Paramount Television, among others. Recently he produced, wrote and served as show-runner for AMC/Shudder’s first original program, “The Core.” Roth also directed and wrote Snapchat’s hit series, F*#K That With Vince Staples, and he was a producer on Destination America’s paranormal program, “Evil Things,” and Lifetime’s hit paranormal series, “My Haunted House.”

In the narrative feature world Roth was the second unit director for “Hostel Part II” and co-directed “Nation’s Pride,” the Nazi propaganda film within the film in “Inglorious Basterds.” He also produced the fake trailer “Thanksgiving” in the Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature, “Grindhouse.”

Roth’s background is in journalism, having worked at CNN in London, The Fox News Channel in New York, and on independent documentaries filming everywhere from Iceland to Texas to California.

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