Wed July 25 – Garth Haslam – Anomalies: The Strange & Unexplained

It’s a night of Curses, Witchcraft, Weird Science and the Wonders of the Fae!  Garth Haslam regales us with fascinating, historic and folkloric accounts of bizarre stories throughout time that include Supernatural Disappearances & Paranormal Patterns.


Garth Haslam established his website, Anomalies – the Strange & Unexplained, in 1996 because he wanted to know where paranormal and strange stories come from, which ones might be real, and why people talk about these odd events, real or not.

Garth earned a degree in Anthropology at San Francisco State University, with a focus on folklore and religious studies, and has over thirty years of experience in the field of researching anomalies, mysteries, curiosities, and legends.


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