Wed Feb 12 – Reverend Gary Duncan – Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores

In our contemporary world many have embraced the soulless belief that the only reality that exist is the physical reality. This belief rejects the spiritual, mystical and magical realities as mere superstitions. However, little do they know there are people experiencing psychic attacks daily through Thought forms, Servitors, Tulpas/Golem, and Egregores.

Rev. Gary will be discussing these psychic attacks as well as other spiritual emergencies: sampling of cases, their characteristics and resolutions through spiritual methods. Also, Rev. Gary will present his own spiritual journey working with non-ordinary state of consciousness such as poltergeist, hauntings, assisting people transcending into the afterlife, phenomenon of twin souls, the Kundalini experiences and much more.

Rev. Dr. (Hon) Gary W. Duncan, Ordained Gnostic Catholic Priest, postmodern contemplative, and spiritual futurist. He began his career in the funeral business, became a researcher in polymer chemistry, biology and psychology and was a psychotherapist and sex therapist for 21 years. He has taught at various colleges and universities; including Duke University with two seminal courses Spirituality and Science (2007), and Quantum Computers, and Spiritual Reality (2015) as well as courses on alternative religions and spiritualities. For over 40 years, he has studied religion, mystical, magical and esoteric traditions, parapsychology, Kabbalistic pathworking, meditation systems as well as quantum mechanics as applied to spirituality. He is a spiritual development coach, published author, educator, lecturer and workshop facilitator. He is the founder of Quantum Spirituality Institute, focusing on living spirituality in the age of advanced technologies and The Center for Soul and Afterlife Studies focusing on non-ordinary states of consciousness and transcendence.