Tue Sep 27 – Gary Heseltine – British UFO Cases

Websites: prufospolicedatabase.co.uk  ufotruthmagazine.co.uk

UFO researcher Gary Heseltine is most famous for the creation of PRUFOS, the Police Reporting UFOs online database. As a law enforcement veteran of nearly 24 years, and a detective for 19, Gary recognized that many UFO sightings are reported by witnesses who would be credible in any other area of life. After being persecuted for his own sighting, he created PRUFOS as a safe place for those involved in police work to document their experiences anonymously, providing valuable material to researchers without endangering their careers.

Gary felt compelled to retire early from the police to launch UFO Truth Magazine, a 96 page bimonthly ezine featuring articles by many of the world’s leading researchers. With the goal of creating the most respected publication in the genre, UFO Truth has attracted regular and guest contributors as varied as Robert Hastings, Terje Wulfsberg, Timothy Good, Bernard Thouanel, Steve Bassett, and Stanton Friedman.


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