Thu Jan 21 – Gerard Aartsen


After having traveled around the world as a backpacker, Dutchman Gerard Aartsen settled in Amsterdam as a translator in 1985. In the late 1990s he decided it was time to change tack and eventually earned his Master of Education degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he has held a teaching position in the department of secondary education since 2001.

He has also been a student of the Ageless Wisdom teaching for over 35 years and his many years of study and research into the Wisdom teachings resulted in the online reference Our Elder Brothers Return – A History in Books (2008). Having acquired and studied some of the more obscure writings by contactee George Adamski, he wrote George Adamski – A Herald for the Space Brothers (2010), which critics acclaimed as a refreshing, scholarly treatment of his subject. His second book, Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers (2011), shows how the messages from the pre-disinformation contactees all agree on the spiritual realities and the Oneness of Life. In Priorities for a Planet in Transition – The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom (2015), Gerard compiles what the Space Brothers have shared since the 1950s in terms of alternative, saner ways of organizing society to tackle the crises that have brought our civilization to its knees.


A long-standing co-worker in the worldwide network of groups affiliated with British esotericist Benjamin Creme, the author writes regular contributions to Share International magazine about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, is a frequent guest on international radio and TV shows about UFOs and related subjects, and has lectured in America, Europe and Asia. His books have been translated and published in multiple languages.

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