Fri Jan 10 (Hour 2-3) Ginette Lucas – Solving Crimes with Dowsing

Ginette Lucas, along with her father, has solved many cases using her psychic and water dowsing abilities. She has worked on several high profile cases including the Chandra Levy case, the Holly Bobo case, Al Capone’s treasure and finding Caylee Anthony. She will also share some personal Near Death Experiences she had throughout her life.
TWITTER: @GinnyLucas

Ginette Lucas, is the daughter of the famous Military Dowser Louis Matacia. She has been around the paranormal since she was a a child, when the US Military Leaders, and Gov Reps came to her house in Falls Church, VA, in the early 1960’s. She is known for working on high profiles cases like locating Caylee Anthony, and Chandra Levy with the FBI, to include locating over 20 more missing persons. She has works on and has found Treasure hidden by Al Capone, and other historical treasures from the 1700’s.