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Gerard Aartsen

Nelson Abreu – The Real Cases of Transformative Phenomena

Todd Acamesis – Divine Reality

David Adair – America’s Fall from Space

Paul Adams – The Mysterious Case of the Spirit Child “Rosalie”

Anthony Adeane – Into Thin Air

Dr. Stephen Aizenstat – Tending to Your Dreams

Bobby Akart – Terrorism & The Grid

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell – Proof of Heaven

Dr. John B. Alexander – UFOs, Myths, Conspiracies and Realities

Brian J. Allan – Exorcism, Stigmata & The Rapture

Gare Allen – Ghost Crimes

Stéphane Allix – The Test: Incredible Proof of the Afterlife

Seth & Jess Alne, Josh Heard & Richard Estep – Murderous Ties to Haunted Locations

Matthew Alper – The Afterlife Debate

Eric Altman – Monster Watch

Dr. Joe Alton – Survival Medicine

Bernard Alvarez – Returning to Source Wisdom

Adam Ambrose – A Life of Contact Continues

William Ammerman – A.I. : Rise of Artificial Influence

Debbie Anderson

Timothy Anderson – New Creativity in Cancer Detection

Ben Moss & Tony Angiola – Hangar 1

Mark Anthony – Defining Death & The Nature of Ghosts and Hauntings

Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber – Love Beyond the Grave

Father Jack Ashcraft

Steve Asher – Hauntings of the Western Lunatic Asylum

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D – Near Death Experiences Research

Loyd Auerbach – Psychic Dreaming

Hallie Iglehart Austen – The Assassination of the Seas

Kenny Ausubel – The Bioneers

Jerry Avalos – Quantum inventions, Frequency technology & Psychic research


Dr. Linda Backman – Interplanetary Souls

Sam Baltrusis – Provoking Evil: A Cautionary Tale

Christopher Balzano – Legend Tripping

Justin Bamforth – The Invisible Spectrum: Encounters with the Strange

Tricia Barker – The Lessons of Death

Christopher Barnatt – The Next Big Thing

Hannah Barrick – Ghostcircle: Speaking with the Spirit World

Andrew D. Basiago – What About Mars?

Stephen Bassett – Disclosure

John Barbour – Real People, Sinatra & The Death of JFK

John Batchelor

Professor Craig Bauer – Unsolved! The History & Mystery of the World’s Greatest Ciphers

Dr. James Beacham – What’s Outside the Universe?

Reverend Bill Bean – Dark Forces: The Intenzo Incident

David Beaty – The USS Nimitz Encounters: Witnesses tell all

Matty Beckerman – Brown Mountain Lights

Timothy Beckley – UFO Hostility and the Evil Alien Agenda

Jonathan Beecher – Messages of Wisdom from Soldiers in the Afterlife

Dr. Nick Begich – Mind Control

Dr. Bernard Beitman – Serendipity in Your Life

Jeff Belanger – The Power of Legend & Myths

David Belk, MD – The True Cost of Healthcare

Russ Belville – The Marijuana Agenda

Dr. William F. Bengston – Healing Intention

Jonathan Berman – Calling All Earthlings

Hayley Bi – Supernatural Encounters with the Orange Entity

Bill Birnes

Bill Birnes w/ Jim Sanders

Bill Birnes w/ Joel Martin

Greg Bishop – UFO’s and Other Anomalous Activities

Lyle Blackburn – Beyond the Boggy Creek

Christopher Bonanos – The Story of “Weegee”, the Photographer Psychic

Barbara McBeath & Barry Boris – The Dead Speak

Michael D. Bodine – Into the Psychic Life: Gift or Curse

Robert Bosnak – Embodied Imagination

Dr. Al Botkin – After Death Communication

Dr. Carmen Boulter – The Pyramid Code

Dr. Al Botkin – Induced After Death Communication

Professor Richard Bower – Exploring Alien Life in the Multiverse

Stephen Braude – Parapsychology and the Nature of Abilities

Dr. John Brandenburg – Mars: New Evidence of High Civilization

Seth Breedlove – On the Trail of Bigfoot

Marcee Brightenstine – Spirited Adventures with a Haunted Doll

Dannion Brinkley – Saved by the Light

Mike Brody – The Lighter Side of Darkness

Jean Broida – Objects of Unknown Origins & Anomalous Activity

Stacy Brown Jr. – Roswell: 70 Years Later

Dr. Gary Brucato – The Anatomy of The New Evil

Robert Bruce – Psychic Self-Defense

Amy Bruni – Kindred Spirits: Answers from the Spiritworld

Jean Brunson – A Splintered Mind

Lyn Buchanan – The Seventh Sense

Adam Bulger – Nightmares

Stephanie Burke – A life of Communicating With the Other Side

Kevin Burns – Ancient Aliens Premiere

Patrick Burns

Ryan Burns – UFO Events on Skinwalker Road

Kent Burris – Living in the House of the Dead

John Burroughs

Ricky C. Butterfass – Paths to ET Contact

Cathy Byrd – The Boy Who Knew Too Much


Aaron Cadieux – Highway Murders

Jonathan Cahn – Parallels Between Ancient Israel and Modern Day America

Lauren Cahn – Strangest Unsolved Mysteries

Steven Callahan – 76 Days Adrift

Victor Camacho – Anomalous Artifacts

Grant Cameron – The Government Disclosure Plan

Alex Campbell – The Bible Belt Strangler

Thomas Campbell – Theory Of Everything

Georgina Cannon – Lifetimes Between Lives

Jon-Paul Capece – The Theology Of Demonic Possession

Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt – The Secrets Hidden Inside Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Randall Carlson

Judy Carroll – Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History

Chris Carter

Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

Scott Carpenter – Sasquatch Research

Gerald Celente

Joe Cerletti – SF Bay Area Abduction

Duane Scott Cerny – Selling Dead People’s Things

Suzanne Chancellor – Contact Experience

Toby Chappell – Infernal Geometry and the Left-Hand Path

John Chavez – Supernormal Human Experiences

Dr. Xingang Chen – What Happened Before the Big Bang

Ken Cherry

Andrew Chesnut – Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte

Dr Young-hae Chi – Alien/Human Hybrids Will Save the Earth

Katherine Chiljan – Shakespeare Suppressed

Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak – Our Vulnerable Power Grid

Jimmy Chunga

Carolyn Clapper – Returned From the Next World

Kimberly Clark Sharp

Ryan Clark – Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Unbelievable True Stories

James Clarkson

Mike Clelland – The Messengers

Chris Cliff – Shadow People

Brian Clune – Tales of West Coast Hauntings

Steve Colbern – Mysterious Implants

Andrew Collins – The Watchers

Greg Conley – Vaping & The New Laws

Keiron Connolly – Relics of Lost Worlds

Brendan Cook

Joedy Cook

Dr. Callum Cooper – Altered States of Consciousness

Marc Coppell – Surrounded by the Supernatural

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell – Extraordinary Beliefs

Pam Coronado – Perceiving Murder

Caroline Cory – Superhuman Film

Cheryl Costa – UFOs & Consciousness

Mark L. Cowden – Full Disclosure: How Rock ‘n Roll Opened the Door to Ghosts, Ufo’s, and Bigfoot

Scott Creighton – The Secret Chamber of Osiris’

Michael Cremo – Forbidden Archaeology

Frank Cullotta – The Las Vegas Mob

Vic Cundiff – Dogman Encounters

Adam M. Curry – Challenging the Nature of Reality

Joshua Cutchin – Thieves in the Night


Marc D’Antonio – Earth 2.0, Aliens & the Search for Life

Dr. Neil Dagnall and Dr. Kenneth Drinkwater – Mind Games: Conspiracy Theory

Morgan Daimler – Fairy Folklore

Jeff Danelek – The Mysterious UFO of 1897

Maja D’Aoust – The Witches Familiar

David Darling

Michael J Daugherty – Government’s Plot to Access Medical Records

Peter Davenport

Gary A. David – The Hopi Orion Zone

Paul Davids – An Atheist in Heaven

Adam Davies – Mysterious Animals From Around the World

G L Davies – Banshees Under the Bedsheets

Dr. Robert Davis – Unseen Forces: The Integration of Science, Reality and You

Wade Davis – The Serpent & The Rainbow

Michelle Davis-Miller – The Bell Witch

Charles de Lauzirika – Behind the Scenes: From Aliens, Hellboy, Star Wars & Beyond

Bill Deagle – Biological Warfare

Paul Dean – Classified UFO Reporting

David DeBold – Miracle Mastery

Dr. Gayle Delaney – Smart Dreaming

Preston Dennett – True Accounts of People Healed by E.T.s

Tim Dennis – Introducing the newest team member

John DeSouza – Continuing Disclosure

Michelle Desrochers – Canada’s Most Haunted

Paul Devereux – Sacred Geography

Tessa B. Dick – My Life With Philip K. Dick

Chad and Alta Dillard – High Strangeness in NOLA

Gordon L. Dillow – Cosmic Collisions, Killer Asteroids & the Race to Defend Earth

Darius Dinshah – Let There Be Light

Richard Dolan

Eric Jay Dolin – The Truth About Pirates

James Donovan – The Extraordinary Voyage of Apollo 11

Caitlin Doughty – Down & Dirty Facts of Death

Danny Draven – Opening the Horror Vault of Terror

Harry Drew – The Truth about the Kingman UFO Crashes

Daniel Duke – Jesse James & the Lost Templar Treasure

Christopher Dunn – Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt

Brian Dunning – The Conspiracy of Theories

Cliff Dunning – Discoveries from our Planet’s Distant Past

Lon Milo DuQuette

Craig Durham – Face to Face with Bigfoot

Nancy du Tertre – How to Talk to an Alien

John Dvorak


John Eagan – The Devil is Real

Barry Eaton – Somewhere Between Life & Death

John Eckberg – The Murder on Bundy

Mark Egerton – Haunting at the Hinchingbrooke House

Elaine (Bigfoot lives in her backyard)

Erin Elizabeth / John Lordan – Mysterious Deaths of Holistic Doctors Debate

Rob Ellis – Free Energy

Tim Ellis, Brad Blair, and Steve LaPlaunt – Yoopernatural Haunts

Jim Elvidge- Exploring Digital Conciousness

Scott Edward Ely – CERN Large Hadron Collider Beauty Experiment

Paul Eno

Paul Evans – Coma: The Space Between Life & Death


Charles Faddis

Storm Faerywolf – Faery Witchcraft: Into the Magickal Realms

Warren Faidley

Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT – Contact Experiences

Bruce R. Fenton – Human Origins and Evolution

Frank Feschino / Stan Friedman – Flatwoods Monster

George Filer – Filers Files

Paul Fischer – The Kidnapped Filmmaker

Rand Flem-Ath – The Murder of Moses

Chris Fleming – The Dangerous Realm of Imps

Elizabeth Flores – The Story Of The Turpin Case Arrest

Dr. Stephen Flowers – Magical Order of the Brotherhood of Saturn

E. Randall Floyd – The Bizarre Side of History

Fred Fogarty – Mackenzie Poltergeist

Angela Ford – Inside Stargate

Dr. William Forstchen

James Fox

Robin Foy – The Scole Experiments

Martin Frank – Supernatural Bacteria Theory

Michelle Freed-Bulgatz – Meet the Producer

Stanton T. Friedman

Bob Frissell – Exactly How Things Are

Max Furek – The Sheppton Mining Disaster


Dr. Richard Gallagher – The PSIence of Luck

Dr. Andrew Gallimore – CONTACT: DMT & E.T. Communication

Christopher Garetano – The Dark Files: Follow up to the Montauk Chronicles

Dr. Daniel Gartenberg – Hacking Sleep To Improve Your Productivity

Crystal Gayle Interview

Josh Gates – Search for the Afterlife

Uri Geller – His Secret Life

Christine George – Paranormal Connections

Susan Gerbic – Grief Vampires: Psychic Skepticism

Ken Gerhard

Tess Gerritsen

David Gerrold – The Martian Child & Tribbles

Ghost Buster Gals (Ronnie and LauraLee)

Ian Gibbs – Ghost Walks in Victoria

Joanna Gillan – Origins of Satanism

James Gilliland – An Extraordinary Reality

Nathaniel Gillis – Spirit of the Demon

Robert Gimlin – Original Bigfoot Footage

Jason Gleaves – Mystifying UFO Cases

Dr. Arthur Glenberg – Where Does Hate Speech Come From

Linda Godfrey – Modern-Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban Legend & Ancient Lore

Ariel Gomez / Dafna Jackson – The Israeli Space Mission to the Moon

Timothy Good

Stan Gordon

Ty Gowen – Paranormal Wisdom of Antiquity

Sonja Grace – Animal Magic

Janis Grady – Scientology Royalty

John Grasson – Lost Ship of the Desert

Dr Bill Gray – Homeopathy and the Future of Medicine

Jonathan Gray – Dead Men’s Secrets

Dr. James Green – Exploring the Solar System and Beyond

John Greenewald, Jr – The Black Vault

Dr. Steven Greer

Michael Griesbach – Making a Murderer

Nick Groff – Paranormal Lockdown

Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman – Paranormal Lockdown

Michael Grosso – The Man Who Could Fly

Robert Guffey – A True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security

Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Kevin Paul – What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania

Paul Gunter


Deirdre Hade and William Arntz – Mystic and the Physicist

Teodora Hadjiyska – The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Evidence Revealed!

Rick Hahn

Libbe HaLevy – Nuclear Hotseat

William J. Hall and Jimmy Petonito – Phantom Messages

Colonel Charles I. Halt – The Halt Perspective

Graham Hancock

Micah Hanks – Secret Societies

George P. Hansen – The Trickster: The Key to the Paranormal

John Hanson – Haunted Skies

Suzanne Hansen – Close Encounters

Jill Hanson – Perception & Reality

Nassim Haramein

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright – Exoconsciousness

Jeff Harman – Decoding the Future

Jim Harold – True Stories of the Supernatural

Sylvia Hart Wright – When Spirits Come Calling

Will Hart – Megaliths of Japan

Jan Harzan – The Scientific Study of UFOs

Ed Hashbarger & Douglas Shields – Fracking

Garth Haslam – Anomalies: The Strange and Unexplained

Elizabeth W. Haussmann – Undead & Buried: A Modern Day Haunting

Peter James Haviland – The Poltergeist Puzzle

Dave Hayes – An Anthology of Spooky and Mysterious Tales

Nik Hayes – Quest for the Invisibles

Xaviant Haze – Ancient Giants of the Americas

Dr. Pamela Rae Heath – Mind Over Matter

Dr. Simeon Hein – Black Swan Ghosts

Michael Heiser

Jill Heinerth

Paul Hellyer – A World in Crisis

Natasha Helvin – The World of Conjuring

Bruce Buckshot Hemming – The Rising Animal Attacks on Humans

Lesa and Ken Henderson – The World of Angels and Demons 

Dr. Diane Hennacy – The ESP Enigma

Gary Heseltine – British UFO Cases

Anna Hill – True Crimes of Northern California

Richard C. Hoagland

G. Michael Hopf – Grid Down Scenarios & Prepping

Dr. Craig Hogan – Afterlife Connections

John Hogue

Jeffrey Scott Holland

Heidi Hollis

Dr. Gillian Holloway

Professor Dan Hooper – In Defense of Dark Matter

G. Michael Hopf – Grid Down Scenarios & Prepping

Ellen Evert Hopman – The Real Witches of New England

Thomas Horan – Zodiac Killer Hoax

Mitch Horowitz – The Power of the Mind

Linda Moulton Howe – Latest Top Secret UFO Documents

Dr. John Huber – Mandela Effect: Your Memories Are Not Your Own

Marilynn Hughes – Out-of-body and into the Mystical Realms

Dwight and Rhonda Hull – Spirits of the Wild West

Jack Hunter – Anthropology and the Paranormal

Leela Hutchison

Marcus Hutter


David Icke – Shattering The Illusion of Reality

Judika Illes – Witchcraft

Dr. William Indick – Spiritualism in the Time of Technology


Trapper Jack – Mysterious Interventions

Dr. David Jacobs

Frank Jacob – Packing For Mars

Jason Jarell – Ages of the Giants

Dr. Michael Jaye – The World Underwater: Proof of the Great Flood

Ian Jaydid – Tripping the Field

Dr. Ken Jeremiah – Incorruptible: The Mystery of Mummies

Chris Jericho – The List of Jericho

William Jevning – The Minnesota Iceman

Dr. Tony Jinks – The Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP)

Miesha Johnston – Surviving MK-Ultra Mind Control Experiments

Marie D. Jones – The Déjà vu Enigma: The Anomalies of Mind, Memory & Time

Allison Jornlin – Mothman

Nancy S. Jordan – From the Trenches: Surreal Estate

Mary Joyce – High Strangeness in North Carolina


John Kachuba – Chasing The Other Side

John B. Kachuba – Shapeshifters Walk Amongst Us

Richard Kadrey – Krampus

Michio Kaku – The Future of Humanity

Lopaka Kapanui – The Haunting of Hawaii

Andrew Karam

Jim Karol – The Magic of the Mind: Mastering Memory

Barbro Karlen – Reincarnation Case of Anne Frank

Debra Lynne Katz – Understanding the Parapsychology Community

Brian Keating – Losing the Nobel Prize

Aiden A. Kelly – A Tapestry of Witches

Ileata Kenley – The Real Axe Man

Bud Kennedy – The Lake Worth Monster

Dr Melba Ketchum – The Sasquatch Genome Project

Mark Allan Keyes – A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal

Greg Kieser – Super Aware Intelligent Machines

Samantha Kinkaid – Human Trafficking

John Kiriakou – CIA Whistleblower

Robert Kiviat – Government Involvement in UFO Theories

Daniel Klaes – The Infamous Hinsdale House

Dr Ron Klatz

Chase Kloetzke – Close Encounters: The Search for Full Disclosure

Dr. Scott Kolbaba – Miracles in Medicine

Ron Kolek and Maureen Wood – Exploring the Darkside of New England

Athanasios Komianos – Prophesies of Paul Dienach

Tony Kosinec – Kabbalah Revealed

Laura Krantz – The Fascination With Bigfoot

Jeff Krause – New UFO Video

Professor Lawrence Krauss – The Final Frontier

Glenn Kreisberg – Spirits in Stone: The Secrets of Megalithic America

Jeff Kripal – Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained

John Kruth – Evidence of Psi

Robert Kryder – Exploring Bigfoot

Ed Kuiper – Phobia Frenzy: Living In States of Fear

Barbara Lamb & Jujuolui Kuita – Human Alien Hybrids

Dr. Eric Kurlander – Supernatural History of the Third Reich

John Kuykendall – Sasquatch Abductions


Winter Laake – The Rise of Black Magic

Gary Lachman – The Secret Teachers of Western Esoteric Tradition

Andrew Lake – Creepy Tales of Haunted Rhode Island

Barbara Lamb & Jujuolui Kuita – Human Alien Hybrids

Chris Lambright – The Paul Bennewitz Case

Tim Lammers – The Mysterious World of Tim Burton & Secrets Behind Sci-Fi Movies

Joe LaValley – The Great Gathering

Bill Lancaster – Interdimensional Intruder: Bigfoot

Dr. Elliot Lander – The Magic of Stem Cell Therapy

Matt Landman – FrankenSkies

James Lansdale & Peter Von Puttkamer – Killing Bigfoot

Cynthia Sue Larson – Quantum Jumps

Tamara Laroux – An Afterlife Experience

Andrew Lawler – The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Michael Lawrence – New Breakthroughs in Alien Communication

William Lawrence – New Breakthroughs in Alien Communication

Greg Lawson – The Paranormal Detective

Marcus Leader – PsiGenesis

Carl Lehrburger – Secrets of Ancient America

Roger Leir

Shannon LeGro – Entering the Fray

R. Scott Lemriel

Dr. Michael Lennox – Creating Your Dreams

Edward Leszynski – Electronic Harassment

Peter Levenda – The Lovecraft Code

Chad Lewis – Chasing Monsters

Mike Libecki – Dyatlov Pass

Dr. John Liebert – Mass Shooting Epidemic

Keith Linder – The Bothell Hell House

Dr. Janet Lintala – The Un-Prescription for Autism

Gregory Little – The Elusive Denisovan

Dr. Jeffrey Long

Bety Lord-Comerford and Steve Wilson – Empathic Ghost Hunters

Erin Elizabeth / John Lordan – Mysterious Deaths of Holistic Doctors Debate

Kelly Loudenberg – The Confession Tapes

Dr. Rita Louise – Out of Eden

Jason Louv – The Science and Magic of John Dee

Terry Lovelace – Incident at Devils Den, Part II

Joseph Lumpkin – The Secrets of Enoch

June Lundgren – The Dark Side of the Paranormal

Cody Lundin

Lesley Joan Lupo – The Realm Beyond Space and Time

Lee Lustig – Actual and Apparent Abductees

Dr. Michael Lynch

Dr. Heather Lynn – Evil Archaeology


Dr. Bruce Maccabee – The UFO Sighting that Changed the World

Michael Maginot

Ellen Korman Mains – Lost Souls of the Holocaust

Kosta Makreas – The Global CE-5 Initiative

Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk – Communicating with ET

Wayne Mallows – Vampyre Tales

Mack Maloney – UFOs In Wartime

Dr. Jim Manganiello – Unshakeable Certainty

Elena Mannes – Soul Dog

Roger Mannon – The Prequel to the Star Gate Program

Philip Mantle – UFO Contact in Pascagoula

Mike Marcum

Kathleen Marden – Alien Abductions

Gabiann Marin – Monsters and Creatures

Marty Stalker and Robert Marro – Hostage to the Devil

Jim Marrs

Roger Marsh – UFO Cases of Interest

Jason Martell

Howard Martin – Engaging the Intelligence of the Heart

Joel Martin

Brian James Martinez and Judy Martinez – Ghosts of the Grand Canyon

Richard Martini – Life Between Lives

LA Marzulli

Brandon Massullo – Environmental Sensitivity

Dr. Michael Masters – Alien Time Travelers

Dr. Manuel Matas – PSI-chiatry and The World of The Unknown

John Matthews – The Many Faces of King Arthur

Ken Mathis – An Alien Encounter

Greg Newkirk / Dana Matthews – The Anderson Hotel Haunting

Dr. Greg Matloff – Behold: Alien Megastructure

Jaime Maussan and Darcy Weir – Monsters & Myths of Mexico

Charles Maxwell

Edwin C. May – The Stargate Project

Michael Mayes – The Elusive Shadow Cats

John McAfee

Barbara McBeath

Rick McCallum – Hollywood Ghost Hunters

May McCarthy – The Gratitude Formula

Jason McClellan – Opening Minds: Making Sense of UFO Sightings

Dr. James McClenon – The Entity Letters: A Sociologist on the Trail of a Supernatural Mystery

Mark McClish – Lies and Deception

David McCready – Interplanetary Astral Projection

Laurie McDonald – Alien Abductions

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge – Hidden Realm of Cryptozoology

Andrew McGrath – Beasts of Britain

Tobias McGriff

Christopher McIntosh – A Light from the North

Dennis McKenna

Sean McLachlan – Flat Earth: A History of Strange Tales, Bizarre Beliefs, & Conspiracy Theories

Joe McMoneagle

Nancy McMoneagle – You Are More Than Your Physical Body

Dean McMurray – The Military Medium

Roger McNamee – Zucked Up: Facebook’s Manipulation of the Masses

Jay Verburg and Neil McNeil – Stranger Things: The Wicked Wheeler House

Alexis McQuillian – Encounter With Hell

Jeremy Meador

Jeffrey Meldrum – Science of Sasquatch

Dr. Pamela Menges

Steve Mera – Project Doorway: The advanced studiers into Aerial Phenomena

David Metcalfe – The Secret Holograhic Universe

Darrell Miklos – Unexplained Discovery Beneath the Bermuda Triangle

John Milor – Aliens in the Bible

Giles Milton – History’s Unknown Chapters

Luis Minero – Demystifying OBE’s

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove – Ted Owens: The PK Man

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke – Alien Connections

The MITD Night Talkers

Deborah Moffitt

Dr. Raymond Moody- My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife

Peter Moon – Montauk Revisited

David Moore – UFOs and the Future Paradigm

Joe Montaldo – DARPA

Tony Montana – Life in the Chicago Outfit

Diane Morang – The Dark Side of NDE’s

Ronald J. Morehead – Quantum Bigfoot

Willis Morgan – The Case of Adam Walsh & The Cannibal Killer

Rob Morphy – Bizarre Cryptides

Jeff Morris – LEGION RISING: Surviving Combat

Lisa Morton – Ghost Stories: A Haunted History

Ben Moss & Tony Angiola – Hangar 1

Dr. Julia Mossbridge – Time Travel Therapy

Myra Mossman – My Random Death

Douglas Mulhall

Lance Mungia and Russel Targ – Third-Eye Spies

Sysco Murdoch and Steve Stockton – A Guided Tour Through a Haunted Life

Bill Murphy – The Ghost Writer Case

Todd Murphy – Using Spiritual Gifts

Nancy Myer – The True Story of a Psychic Detective


Dustin Naef – Mount Shasta’s Legends

Nick Nielsen – Interstellar Civilization

Patti Negri – Witches Brew

Todd Neiss – Operation: Sea Monkey

Dr. Regina Nelson w/Michael Browning – Conspiracy of Cannabis

Alec Nevala-Lee – Who Goes There: Biography of John W. Campbell

Alec Newald – 10 Days of Lost Time: An Unusual Abduction

Greg Newkirk / Dana Matthews – The Anderson Hotel Haunting

Hugh Newman – Megalithic Mysteries & The World of Giants

Damien Nott – Australian Aerial Phenomena

Deb Noyes – The Magician and the Spirits


Louisa Oakley Green – The Psychic Bystander

Janice Oberding – Ghosts, True Crime & Lore of Nevada

Christopher O’Brien – Mysteries of the San Luis Valley

Laurence O’Bryan – The Sign of The Blood: The Holy War of Constantine the Great

Mark O’Connell – The Close Encounters Man

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos – Dreams That Can Save Your Life

David O’Leary, Paul Hynek & Joel Hynek – Project Blue Book: Reopened!

David O’Neil – Cults, Mythology & Science

Jason Offutt – What Lurks Beyond: Investigating America’s Monsters

Tom Ogden – Haunted Cemeteries and Twisted Trails

Brad Olsen – Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses

John Olsen – Stranger Bridgerland

Richard S. Omura – Aliens or Angels?

Yalman Onaran

Pamela Oslie – Mind Beyond the Brain

Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman – Portals to Hell

Ahmed Osman – The Mystery of King David & The Temple of Solomon

Charles Ostman – Walking into the Quantum Age

Tish Owen

Paul Owens – The Mystery of Overtoun Bridge


Allan Pacheco – Super Natural Santa Fe

Professor David Pares- Anti-Gravity, Warp Drive, The Bermuda Triangle & Time Travel

Calvin Parker – Abduction in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Gary Parker – An Alien Message

Michael Parry – Spirit Art

Ira Pastor – Resurrecting the Dead

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka – The New Age Order : UFOs, Religion, Technology

David Paulides -Historical Evidence of Bigfoot, Wildmen and Giants

Gregory Paxson

Anthony Peake – The Infinite Mindfield

Jimmy Petonito – Real Exorcism Cases

Ralph Pezzullo and Michael R. McGowan – Ghost: 30 Years as an FBI Undercover Agent

Graham Phillips – Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge

Olav Phillips – The Secret Space Age

Roland Philipps – A Spy Named Donald Maclean

Dr. Rosemarie Pilkington – The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof

Daniel Pineda – The Book of Secrets

Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Mark Pitstick – Synchronicity and the SoulPhone

Chris Pocock – Area 51 and the Accidental Spy Plane

Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk – Communicating with ET

Lien Potgieter – Become Color Conscious: And Transform Your Experiences

Cheri Lynn Potter – Ancient Teleportation Technology

Erin Prophet – Reincarnation: The Missing Link

Louis Proud – Unexplained Occurrences

Tomas Prower

John Pugliano – Robotics

Christof Putzel – Mission Declassified

Rod Pyle – The New Space Age


Gian J. Quasar – Unsolved Mysteries

Jason Quitt – Into the Void


Ron Rademacher – Oddities & Rarities

Lyra Radford – East Coast Supernatural

Dr Dean Radin – Real Magic

Andrew Radziewicz – High Strangeness in Brooklyn

Kevin Randle

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher – A New Psi Revolution

Bruce Rawles – The Ubiquitous Hermetic Laws

Brent Raynes – UFOs and Psychic Experiences

Nick Redfern – Top Secret Alien Abduction Files

Crystal Hope Reed – Cracking the Code of Telepathy

Jonathan Reed

Thom Reed – 1st UFO case inducted into US History

Hailey Reese – Paranormal Storytime

Timothy Renner – Strange Familiars

Sean Rhoads and Brooke McCorkle – Rise of the Kaiju: All Out Monster Attacks

Roger Richards – Above The Majestic 12

Paul Rimmasch – CSI: Paranormal Activity

Michael Robartes and Paul Conroy – The Rabbit Hole Experience

Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins – Dead Serious: The Hunt for the Truth

Todd Robbins

Jimmy Roberts – Planet Mars: It’s Not Just a Rock!

Paul Dale Roberts – The Demon Warrior

Malcom Robinson – Scotland’s Most Notorious UFO’s

Robert Robinson – Legend Tripping thru America

Adele Casales Rocha – Portals to the Paranormal

Patrick Roddie – Chemtrails

Mary Rodwell – Star Children

Joe Rogan

Thomas W. Rogers – Darwins Replacement

Alejandro Rojas – Unidentified: To the Stars

Paul Roland – Dark History: Magic, Madness and Murder

Tyler Rollins – Domestic Government Surveillance

Florence Ann Romano – Big Brother IS Watching

Jesse Romero – Encounters with the Diabolical

Marty Rosenblatt – The Applied Precognition Project

Louis Rosenberg PhD – AI & Swarm Intelligence

Natasha J. Rosewood – Ghosts & The Art of Quantum Healing

James Roy – Benevolent Contact

Dr. Barbara Royal – Pet Fooled

Dr. Beverly Rubik – Water Memory and Bio-Fields

Professor Carl A.P. Ruck – Mushrooms, Myths & Gods

Jennifer Runyon Corman

Chris Rutkowski – Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

Kevin Ryerson – The Human Conduit: Trance Channeling

Dr. Neal Rzepkowski – Lily Dale


Tina Saey – DNA Dragnet: Cracking Crimes or Invasion of Privacy

Aaron Sagers – Paranormal Pop Culture

Elizabeth Saint – Ghostly Gadgets

Anne Saker – The Cancer Killing Drug

Dr Michael Salla

Jim Sanders

Neil Sanders

Tom Sanger – Pleiades UFO Sighting

Ralph Sarchie

Tracy Savage – The Mystery of RH Negative Blood

Savannah the Black Witch – To Deal with the Devil

Bill Schelly – Otto Binder: What Do We Really Know About UFOs, EVP & The Paranormal

Marilyn Schlitz – Social Consciousness

Robert Schneck – The Bye Bye Man

Dr. William Schnoebelen – Romancing Death

David Schmidt – True Tales from a Haunted Christian College

Dr. Robert M. Schoch – Forgotten Civilization

Ian Schranze – The Dream Master

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz – Intuition and Your Health

Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Mark Pitstick – Synchronicity and the SoulPhone

Stephan Schwartz – Re-examining History thru Remote Viewing

Dahlia Schweitzer – Going Viral

Barrie Schwortz – The Shroud of Turin

Luigi Sciambarella – The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Bill Scott – The Day Satan Called

Dr. Irena Scott – UFO’s Lies and Cover-ups

Laird Scranton – The Sacred World and Ancient Origins of Maori People

Paul Seaburn – Mysteries & Madness of the Month in Review

Mike Sears – Hauntings In Nashville

Michael & Nicole Sebastian

Brian Seech – The Elusive Bigfoot

Dr. Walter Semkiw – Evidence of Reincarnation

Hougan Sen Moise – The Difference Between Hoodoo & Vodou

David Sereda

Tom Sewid – Sasquatch Island

Dr. Brian Sharpless – The Science behind Sleep Paralysis

Richard Shaw – Secrets Under Jerusalem

Daniel Sheehan – A New Paradigm

Rob Shelsky – Time Travel Invasion

Ed Hashbarger & Douglas Shields – Fracking

Rob Shelsky – The Mandela Effect

Chris Shelton – Scientology

Susan Sheppard – The Enigma of Indrid Cold & Other Unusual Beings

Dave Shock – CubeSat

Seth Shostak

Tom Shroder – Researching Children Who Remember Past Lives

Sir Charles W. Shults – The Living Galaxy

Dr. Susan Shumsky – The Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles & The Maharishi

Javier Sierra – Secrets of the Vatican

Rick Simpson – Phoenix Tears

Derrel Sims – Alien Hunter: Evidence and Implants

Paul Sinclair – Truth: UFO Activity, Missing People & the UK Skin Walker

Ryan Singer – It’s More Fun to Believe

Shane Sirois – Parasitic Hauntings

Ryan Skinner – Path of the Skinwalker

Dr. Stephen Skinner – Inside Alchemy

Peter Maxwell Slattery – The ET Contact Experience

Nomar Slevik – Otherworldly Encounters of Maine

Lisa Smartt – Final Words: End of Life Communication

Angela T. Smith – The Seer

Barbara Smith – The Great Ghosts of Canada

Charlie Smith – North Korean Cyberwarfare

Chris Smith – Haunted Towns

Emery Smith – The Military’s Secret ET and UFO Programs

Lydia Smith – A Journey of the Mind: Walking the Camino de Santiago

Paul Blake Smith – JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot

Dr. Paul H. Smith – Adventures in Remote Viewing

Peter Smith – Life Between Lives

Philip Smith – Inexplicable Acts: True Supernatural Powers

Pat Spain – Legend Hunter

Jim Sparks

Richard Spasoff – The Mob Medium

Dr. Richard Spence – Secret History

Stephen Spignesi – Celebrity Sightings of the Unexplained

Dave Spinks – What Looms in West Virginia

Patrick Sporer – The Dream-Cognition Experiment

Tony Spera – Dangers of the Paranormal

Ryan Sprague – Somewhere in the Desert

Maureen St. Germain – Waking Up in 5D

Paul Stamets – Magic Mushrooms

Marty Stalker and Robert Marro – Hostage to the Devil

Ray Stanford – The Socorro Incident

Steven Starr

Mark Stavish – Egregores: The Occult Entities

Douglas D.B. Stearns – Mysterious Void in the Great Pyramid

Jon Stebbins – The Beach Boys: Paranormal Pop Visionaries

Glenn Steckling – Intelligent Life

Brad Steiger – Real Ghosts & Shapeshifters

Jennifer Stein/Peter Robbins – Crop Circles

Scott Stevens – Chemtrails & Weather Wars

RJ Stewart – Prophecy of Merlin

Violet Ramis Stiel – Life With My Dad Harold Ramid

Steve Stockton – Strange Things In The Woods

Dr. Paul Stoller – Apprentice to a Master Sorcerer

Dennis Stone – Discovering America’s Stonehenge

Dr. Michael Stone – The Anatomy of The New Evil

Paul Stonehill – Russia’s USO Secrets

Denise Stoner – Alien Abduction Files

Neil R. Storey – The Witchfinder General, Freaky Phantoms & More!

Howard Storm – Descent into Death

Brennan Storr – A Strange Little Place

Dr. Steffanie Strathdee, Dr. Thomas Patterson and Robert Lindsy Milne – The Perfect Predator: A Scientist’s Race to Save Her Husband’s Life

Lon Strickler – Abduction Disclosure

Whitley Strieber

Mike Strizki – Hydrogen House

Lynn Stull – Wonders at the Veil

Chris Styles – Shag Harbour Incident

Dr. Richard Sugg – Fairies: A Dangerous History

Robert W. Sullivan IV – Masonic Rituals+

David Sunfellow – The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences

Mary Sutherland – Red Haired Giants

Dr. Paul Sutter – The Nature of Time

Bill Sweet – Agents of Science or Satan

Dr. Ioannis (John) Syrigos – Expedition to Tayos Caves

Raymond Szymanski – 50 Shades of Greys


Alexandre Tannous

Dr Barry Taff – UCLA Parapsychology Lab

Shannon Taggart – Spirit Photography

Nancy Talbott – Crop Circle Science

Candace Talmadge – Contacting the Other Side

Alexandre Tannous – The Science of Sound

Russell Targ – Third-Eye Spies

Dr. Albert Taylor – Night Terrors

Bernie Taylor – Redating the Great Sphinx

Eldon Taylor – Subliminal Communication

Dr. Scott Taylor – A Shared Near Death Experience

Steven Taylor – Spiritual Science: The Exploration of ‘anomalous’ Phenomena

John E. L. Tenney – Reality of the Weird

Chase A. Thompson – Amazing Stories of Monsters in the Bible

Robbie Thomas – The Real Psychic Profiler

Professor Frank J. Tipler – The Physics of Immortality

John Titor – Time Travel

Dr. Matt Tompkins – The Spectacle of Illusion

Kevin Trenberth

Nora Truscello – The Science of Intuition

Giorgio Tsoukalos – Ancient Aliens Premiere

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and Kevin Burns – In Search of Ancient Aliens

Brian Tuohy – Corruption and Conspiracies in Pro Sports Leagues

Antonin Tuynman – Is Intelligence an Algorithm?

Derek Tyler – Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth

Neil deGrasse Tyson


Joseph Uscinski – The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Ruben Uriarte – Encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


Elliott Van Dusen – The Evil in Exeter

Thomas F. Valone, PHD – The Truth About Tesla

R.J. Von-Bruening – The Secret History of Creation

Sally Vander Veer

Eamonn Vann-Harris – Whispers In the Dark

Lester Velez – Abduction Response Team

Jay Verburg and Neil McNeil – Stranger Things: The Wicked Wheeler House

Steven Vedro – Digital Dharma

Rizwan “Riz” Virk – Living in the Matrix

John Vivanco – The Future of Remote Viewing

Priscilla Vogelbacher – God Is The Devil

David Voigts – Targeted Individuals

James Lansdale & Peter Von Puttkamer – Killing Bigfoot


Phillip and Tim Wade – Mysterious Mount Adams

Robert Waggoner – Harnessing Lucid Dreams

Helané Wahbeh – Edgar Mitchell & IONS Discovery Lab

Dee Wallace – Hollywood, Horror & Healing

Travis Walton

Dr. Paul Wand – Escaping Our Doomed Planet

Joshua P. Warren

Dean Warsing – EVP: Spirited Conversations

James Wasserman – History of the Knights Templar

Dark Waters – Touching The Unknown

Clair Waters – Raising Faith: Raising a Child Psychic-Medium

Roland Watson – The Legend of Loch Ness

David Weatherly

John Webb, Carl Willis and Jared Brandon-Flande – Half Life of Genius

Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber – Love Beyond the Grave

Darcy Weir – Actual and Apparent Abductees

Tim Weisberg – Spooky Southcoast

John S. Weiss – The Afterlife Is To Die For

Professor Carsten Welsch – The Science of Sci-Fi

Maria Wheatley – The Mysterious Elongated Skulls of Stonehedge

Jay Wexler – Satan and the Rise of Religious Rights

Daniel Whiteson – Ask the Physicist All Night!

Jim Whittenberger

Joe Who – Live Readings with a Voice Direct Sensitive Psychic

Laurie Wickens – Shag Harbour Incident

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe – Cosmic Origins of Life

Jeff Willes – How to Hunt UFOs

Damon Wilson – The Verge of Global Economic and Environmental Catastrophe

Vince Wilson – Weird History & Tales of Truth

Gary Williams – A Walk on the Wild Side: Extreme Experiences with Unusual Phenomena

Randy Williams – Provacative Theory on the Jack the Ripper Case

Jerry Wills

Carla Wills-Brandon – Near Death Visions

Grant Wilson – Deconstructing the “Paranormal Experience”

Marlene Woelm – The Ghosts of 87th Lane

Chris Wolford – Most Credible UFO Sightings

Ron Kolek and Maureen Wood – Exploring the Darkside of New England

Scott Wolter – America Unearthed

Kieran Woodhouse – Synchronicities of UFO Encounters

Gregory Wrightstone – Inconvenient Facts

Dr. Randy Wysong – Solving the Big Questions


Dr. Jonathan Young – Uncanny Experiences

Steph Young – Terror In The Night


Dr. Robert Zubrin – The Journey to Mars

Chuck Zukowski – Secrets of Space Revealed!

Ken Zurski – Tales of the Nearly Forgotten

Donald Zygutis – Sagan Conspiracy