Fri Jan 17 (Hour 1-2) Heidi Hollis and Maureen Seaberg – Machine Empaths

“Machine Empaths”—the rise of the machines! Humans are connecting with technology and technology is reaching back. Maureen Seaberg, an expert on synesthesia, has come across five Machine Empaths with Heidi Hollis being one of them. Hollis is an author, researcher, cartoonist and talk show host on mysterious phenomena.



TWITTER: @1HeidiHollis @Tetrachromatix

No author can say they’ve named and defined two paranormal realities like Heidi Hollis! She is the world’s foremost expert on Shadow People and The Hat Man phenomena with her bestselling and groundbreaking books The Secret War and The Hat Man. She is the author of eight successful books, a radio talkshow host and a cartoonist—all on topics of mystery.

Maureen Seaberg has written for the New York Times, National Geographic, Vogue and many other venues. She is an expert blogger on the sensory for Psychology Today and is herself a neurological outlier as both a poly-synesthete and genetic tetrachromat (possessing a fourth cone class for color vision in her eyes.)


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