Here’s Trump’s plan to stop hackers

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The incoming Trump administration wants to audit the security of the federal government’s computer systems — a massive undertaking — and strengthen the hacking division of the U.S. military.

President-elect Donald Trump unveiled his four-part cybersecurity strategy last month.

It’s getting mixed reactions.

Cybersecurity experts say it has some good ideas.

“It sounds like a fairly rational, high-level playbook … but much of this is already being done to a certain extent,” said Jared DeMott, chief technology officer at Binary Defense Systems. He previously worked at the National Security Agency, where he spotted hacking vulnerabilities in computer equipment.

Point 1: A massive audit

Trump plans to “order an immediate review of all U.S. cyber defenses and vulnerabilities, including critical infrastructure.” He plans to use a team of auditors made up of military, law enforcement and private sector experts.

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