Mon Aug 26 (Hour 3) Ian Jaydid – Tripping the Field

Tonight we’ll be discussing the philosophy behind TRIPPING THE FIELD; lucid dreams, astral projection and shamanic practices.
TWITTER: @IanJaydid

Ian Jaydid has been creating fine art, illustrations, cartoons and has been writing and editing for over twenty years. Through his creative arts outlet Iboga Moon Productions, he illustrates the cartoon series Generation Jaded, designs mixed-media fine-art, logos and marketing materials. He regularly partners with news, medicinal plant and alternative healing organizations to write and edit articles on the topics of meditation, psychoactive research, lucid dreaming and alternative healing techniques. He began experiencing what are commonly known as “lucid dreams” around the age of 19. Over the years, these experiences increased in frequency and expanded into astral projection and remote viewing. Tripping the Field is Ian’s first, fully realized fictional novel with explores the implications of lucid dreaming and the furthest reaches of human consciousness. He currently resides on the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

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