Introducing the Midnight In The Desert Community Forum!

Good Evening Listeners:


We are pleased to introduce the MITD community forum. This is the place to discuss your favorite podcasts, live-streamer, radio host, and more. We’re open to guest and topic suggestions so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. The purpose of making the community forum the central focus of the website is that MITD has always been about you, the listeners.

As the new program manager of the Dark Matter Digital Network, my aim is to bring the network further along into the digital revolution. It is now integrated into all the major live-streaming video platforms and we’re explaining onto all the major podcasting platforms.

Midnight In The Desert WILL BE BACK as a 5 night per week call-in show very soon.

Thank you all for hanging with us through 2020. Here are a few pertinent links:




Tim Ozman

Dark Matter Digital Network

Program Manager

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