Tue Nov 19 (Hour 1) James Purpura – Changing Your Field of Perception

James Purpura experienced life’s extremes. Drug addiction, solitary confinement in jail, and self-introspection. Like many of us, he reached a point in life where personal change was necessary, or self-destruction was imminent.

James will explain how we can developed unhealthy patterns that can dominate our lives. tonight he will discuss new concepts that can show us how to view our lives differently.

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James Purpura, entrepreneur and philosopher, was a homeless drug addict just fifteen years ago. After enduring a personal descent into Hell, he was able to overcome limiting beliefs to build and sell one of the largest construction software companies in the world.

As a part of his journey to success, he and his wife built their own personal development philosophy which hinges on the study of perception. James believes our perceptions define our world and dictates all of the decisions we make. He developed concepts called the “Field of Perception” and “Perception Loop,” which explain how we develop the patterns that dominate all of our lives. These concepts show us how to view our lives differently. They also explain how we are letting our pasts cast a shadow over our futures.

After confirming that their philosophy works, James and Steph created their company, Powerful U. This was a way for them to give back their knowledge to the world and help as many people as possible evolve their lives.

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