Tue July 10 – Jean Brunson – A Splintered Mind

How a young woman we will call Kathy spent her childhood being tortured mentally and physically by a satanic cult and how she managed to break free of 70 alter personalities and heal her ghastly memories. 


Jean Brunson began her counseling career as a children’s counselor. During that time, she wrote Growing Seasons: Helping Children Heal from Divorce and Other Losses and adapted an adult book for children, Empowering Kids for Life, which helps children in several continents to stay free of life-controlling problems, such as drugs and other addictions. Both were published by Living Free Ministries.

Later she decided to counsel adults. A woman we will call Kathy came to Jean for counseling. Jean soon recognized Kathy had multiple personalities. It took about 18 years for Kathy to integrate all of her 70 alters: child parts of Kathy’s mind. When Kathy was about eighteen months old, her mother started taking her to a satanic cult to be ritually abused. The abuse continued until Kathy left for college. Jean spent 18 years helping Kathy integrate her other personalities. Kathy still has health issues related to her abuse, but she is now happily married to a man who loves her and helps her keep going.



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