Mon Mar 11 – Jerry Avalos – Quantum inventions, Frequency technology & Psychic research

The future is here and Jerry Avalos is our guide into an exciting look at inventions, technology and the Quantum mechanics of their applications.

Discussing: Quantum inventions, frequency technology, psychic research, & green energy

Jerry Avalos is the President of Harmoniks Inc and inventor of the No Nox Box– a unique product utilizing nanomaterials and quantum science to reduce toxic emissions from engines. Jerry is a born natural intuitive lucid dreamer, experiencing the full gambit of what most call “paranormal,” metaphysical, and spiritual experiences all his life. He has also been an apprentice to a top-tier professional remote viewer and has had direct tutelage of frequency technology from the late former Naval Intelligence Officer & Homeopathic expert Jef Harvey.

Through the insight he has garnered from his nightly astral travels and daily intuits, Jerry has developed and honed various techniques for expansion of consciousness. These experiences have also given Jerry tremendous insight into principles of quantum mechanics such as entanglement and wave-forms, which directly translate to the products he is currently developing.

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