Tue Apr 23 (Hour 1-2) – John Vivanco – The Future of Remote Viewing

We move like ghosts through the ether, silent and undetectable, gathering information that can’t be gathered in any other way. To Al Qaeda, we are of the Djinn; to the FBI, we are Psychic Spies. John Vivanco discusses his projects of the past and where Remote Viewing is going in the future.

Website: righthemispheric.com

Author, Speaker, Instructor of the Remote Viewing method Trans-Dimensional Systems, and Investigator; John Vivanco has been Remote Viewing and teaching students for over 20 years. He was part of the first Civilian Remote Viewing organizations after the government declassified the program. His organization was hired to investigate the unknown, including work with the FBI after 9/11 on counter terror issues, and with corporations on business issues. His searches for lost treasures lead him to a collaboration with the National Geographic Channel and he continues to this day developing ideas around TV, teaching, investigating, and running a team of Remote Viewers on several exciting projects.

Jan 4th, 2018’s Special RV Challenge

Our 2nd annual challenge at Midnight in the Desert, be a part of radio history!

Join us for an interactive event and learn how everybody can remote view!

John Vivanco will guide you through a core method of remote viewing so everyone can participate. Make sure you have some paper and your favorite pen and join the fun.

You’ll be drawing results from the experiment as you listen to the show. Once completed you can photograph or scan your session and send it in to Michelle at michelle@midnightinthedesert.com.

So join us early and take the challenge. The best results will be revealed on Friday night.

Ready, here is the tag number given on the show!

Tag: 4801 7653

Here is a help video to get you started:

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