Wed Aug 22 – Jonathan Berman – Calling All Earthlings

Jonathan Berman’s “Calling All Earthlings” gets to know the desert folk who believe George Van Tassel who used alien guidance and Nikola Tesla’s ideas to build a time machine called The Integratron.

Jonathan Berman is a filmmaker and a professor of film at Cal State in San Marcos, California. He makes films that challenge how alternative ideas and people are represented in the media. Professor Berman began by working in the 1980’s on films like Troma’s “Toxic Avenger.” He went on to explore the traditional sauna in his first film “The Shvitz” (The Steambath). Professor Berman produced one of the first reality shows, Maternity Ward for NY Times Television. His film “My Friend Paul” explores mental illness through his friend, a bipolar bank robber. His last film “Commune”, with Peter Coyote, looked the problem of utopia– that everyone’s idea of utopia is radically different.

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