Tue Dec 3 (Hour 3) Kevin Ryerson – Futurism, Prophecy, and Predictions

Kevin Ryerson will help us understand how it is possible to predict the future by developing our own intuition. He will also share his vision for a sustainable, prosperous, cooperative future we can all help realize.



Kevin Ryerson is an author, lecturer, award winning consultant, expert intuitive, and trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts, well known in the field of parapsychology. He is featured in Shirley MacLaine’s best sellers, Out on a Limb, Dancing in the Light, and It’s All In The Playing and Sage-ing While Age-ing. His research work is featured in the books Flower Essences, Spiritual Nutrition (Dr. Gabriel Cousens) and most recently in Dr. Walter Semkiw’s books Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited, Born Again and Dr. William Kautz’s scientific use of intuition in Opening the Inner Eye.

He serves on the Board of Directors for the Intuition Network, a non-profit organization. He is the former vice-president of the California Society for Psychical Studies. He has offered numerous seminars, national and international retreats, and intensives. Kevin authored Spirit Communication: The Soul’s Path (Bantam, September 1989) – a landmark book on the topic of channeling. Shirley MacLaine calls it “the clearest and most comprehensive book on the phenomenon of channeling I have read”. Kevin contributed to the books Psychoimmunity–Key to the Healing Process (Celestial Arts, 1986), Spiritual Nutrition (Cassandra Press, 1986) and Channeling: The Intuitive Connection (Harper & Row, 1987).

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