Tue June 12 – Libbe HaLevy – Nuclear Hotseat

Libbe will discuss the current situation with Fukushima, updates on the cover up of 3-Mile Island, and how to stop Nuclear weapons.

Libbe HaLevy is the producer and host of Nuclear Hotseat, a weekly program about nuclear issues… “from a different perspective.” Now in its 8 th year, the show is available at www.NuclearHotseat.com, is downloaded in 123 countries, and syndicated for a growing number of broadcast stations by Pacifica’s Audioport network. She is the author of the about to be published nuclear memoir, YES, I GLOW IN THE DARK! One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Nuclear Hotseat, now available for pre-order at www.NuclearHotseat.com/book.

Websites: NuclearHotseat.com RAPTawareness.com

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