Mon Jul 29 (Hour 2-3) – Marc Coppell – Surrounded by the Supernatural

Poltergeist, Bigfoot & UFOs are something many of us wish we could encounter one of, our guest, Marc Coppell has seen it all and shares his spiral into the Supernatural with us tonight.
TWITTER: @hauntedmannet

From Auckland, New Zealand, Haunted Man, Marc Coppell has a background immersed with the paranormal; at a young age him and his family fled their home in the early 1980’s from a poltergeist outbreak that even a neighbor witnessed. Marc is a film-maker and has worked with paranormal teams and conducts regular instrumental trans-communication sessions or I.T.C. research. During filming in a historical Bigfoot area he caught anomalies traveling around Mach 3 and doing things that no known craft can. Marc suspects that an inter-dimensional Bigfoot may have even saved his life!


Sound Clip (Art Bell ITC):


1. One of several strange footprints Marc has found in his wild research area where there are no pathways and had bi pedal approaches.
2. An anomaly in my research area. Marc did not see at the time. Pareidolia?
3. An unusual array of healthy trees torn down with no burn marks from lighting. A tornado should have stripped the leaves off the trees. Through I.T.C. they said they made a pathway for me.
4. Simple glyph left where I moved a sole standing bottle in what I call the Sasquatch playhouse. Juvenile footprint found here along with a wall of cinder blocks that got moved after finding them.

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