Thu Aug 15 (Hour 1) Mark Allan Keyes – A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal

After working for years as a criminal investigator, Detective Mark Keyes turns his investigative skills towards the paranormal to help uncover the cause of a strange experience he had as a young boy. Detective Keyes is ultimately searching to uncover the truth and answer the question that he and so many others have asked–Are ghosts real?

Mark Allan Keyes is a retired State Police Detective, currently working as a private investigator, and is the Director of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. He is a speaker on paranormal investigation and resolution, and as a parapsychologist, has been involved in over 200 resolution cases with his team and skilled Psychic Medium, Virginiarose Centrillo. Mark is currently an expert commentator on Travel Channel’s Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 911 for his background as a State Trooper, EMT and firefighter, along with being a paranormal investigator. Mark is the Author of “Chasing Shadows: A Criminal Investigator’s Look into the Paranormal” and his new book, “The Upper Darby Poltergeist”.

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