Tue Mar 31 – Michael W. Hall, J.D.- The Disclosure Trust

Michael W. Hall, best known as the “Paranormal Lawyer,” will discuss the law in relation to the paranormal. He will also share his personal experiences in the paranormal including finding weird scoop marks that looked like small roundish “punch biopsy” scars from aliens on his legs in 1991, and an inflamed bump on his shoulder after he sighted a UFO over his house in 2012.

He will also talk about various UFO disclosures, secret agendas, and his involvement in the Admiral Wilson “Core Secrets” that they are calling the “UFO Leak of the Century.”

TWITTER: @michaelhall3200

Michael W. Hall J.D., “The Paranormal Lawyer,” is an attorney, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and former Superior Court Judge Pro Tem. As an experienced UFO Field Investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, Michael is a long-time consultant to the Mutual UFO Network and the attorney of record for the National UFO Reporting Center and The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena.

An ‘Experiencer’ himself, Michael has also represented such noted Ufologists and Researchers as Grant Cameron, James Rigney, Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day (Ret.), Peter Davenport, Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. James Harder.