Mon Feb 15 – Mike Strizki – Hydrogen House


Founder of the Hydrogen House Project, Mike Strizki served as Project Engineer for over 16 years with the Office of Research and Technology in the New Jersey Department of Transportation where he developed renewable energy technologies. The most noted of his projects was the first use of fuel cells in the DOT’s Variable Message Signs. Other high visibility projects included the Project Power Commute, an Electric Vehicle Station Car Project, and two fuel cell vehicles: the New Jersey Venturer and the New Jersey Genesis.

In July of 2000, he took a position at Millennium Cell in Eatontown, New Jersey, where he completed a world range record with the New Jersey Genesis, a distance of over 400 miles on a single refueling. In 2003 he served as Project Engineer for both the Peugeot Fuel Cell Fire Engine and the Duffy Fuel Cell Electric Boat. In January 2004, he joined the team at Advanced Solar Products as a project engineer for photovoltaic installations.

In 2006, Strizki converted his own home to run on solar-hydrogen power, including a hydrogen vehicle fueling station. The home serves as the flagship prototype for his company, Strizki Systems, which designs and installs clean and renewable solar hydrogen systems for homes and businesses. He has even installed systems in the homes of some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

Strizki designed a revolutionary aluminum solar panel mounting rack that is easy to install on both rooftops and ground, cost-effective, and uses less material than most competitors. His company, Genmounts, has expanded rapidly selling the mounting racks along with GPS-controlled pole-mounted solar trackers throughout the United States.

Now, Mike Strizki is relaunching his non-profit organization under a new name, the Hydrogen House Project. Strizki envisions the organization becoming a beacon for renewable energy worldwide, conducting research and development projects with the latest in solar, hydrogen, fuel cell and other clean energy technologies. The organization will share its achievements with the world through public education, student internships, private and public partnerships, and tours of the Hydrogen House Project headquarters in Hopewell, New Jersey.

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