Thu Jan 2 – Natasha J. Rosewood – A Night of Healing, Magic and Ghostbusting

Let’s start fresh in 2020 and set ourselves free to have an amazing, healthy and creative 2020!

Natasha Rosewood will teach us how to use simple healing techniques, so simple a child can do it. So, let’s bust the ghosts of our past with the magic of physics and create an exciting new reality.

Call-ins can ask any questions.
TWITTER: @RosewoodNatasha

Natasha J. Rosewood is a Quantum Healer, Author and Inspirer of Intuitive Intelligence who empowers thousands internationally to remember their higher Self, relinquish struggle and choose joy.

In addition to her own TV show: Wake Up! Body Mind & Spirit, Natasha has been a popular guest on City, Global and CTV across Canada as well as a guest on terrestrial and producer/host on blog talk radio. Natasha’s intention is to empower humanity to live a more creative story of joy in a more intuitively intelligent world, and have fun doing it.

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